Mission & Values

Our mission

The mission of E3 Forum is to add value to knowledge through the creation of synergies between students, the Academia, Industry, entrepreneurs, and policy makers. It is therefore an advantageous and inspiring environment for the discussion of strategic future directions for research, employment and entrepreneurship and to subsequently disseminate the outcome with the society (experts and non-experts, such as lawmakers and general public), bringing forth practical ideas, collaborations and action plans.

Our Value Proposition

We aim of E3 Forum to be a stage for students to expose their work in close connection with all the social agents that influence and are influenced by their work. This meeting also seeks to enlarge the students’ network by providing a space for companies, universities, and entrepreneurs to meet students and share their thoughts about what is the role, in a knowledge-based society, of a professional with a PhD, and at the same time provide the students with information related to career paths in Academia and Industry, as well as good examples of the creation of new companies, while elucidating the opportunities in this area in Portugal.

By achieving those goals, the conference is filling the gap between research and current practice, between students and society, and between academic studies and “real world” problems. We believe this is the right moment to build a new generation of professionals.