About E3

About us and our event

E3 stands for Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship. E3 represents the key fields where a young graduate will seek a professional career and are focus themes of this initiative. We are an informal gathering of enthusiastic, passionate and hard-working young people, willing to change the way society looks at the interactions within the scientific, educational and professional triangle.

The E3 Forum is an international conference promoted by a team lead by PhD candidates from the MIT Portugal Program (www.mitportugal.org). We are a multicultural and multidisciplinary group of highly trained graduate students from a unique and exciting environment that combines European culture and education with the American entrepreneurial spirit and know-how. As doctoral students, and given the wide diversity of skills and competencies acquired during the PhD path, we nurture the idea that it is possible to contribute positively in addressing the challenges of a knowledge society requiring multidisciplinary thinking and in the establishment of relations between business and universities to leverage their potential.